If we were human, Acuitas would be celebrating adulthood – we’ve turned EIGHTEEN. It’s our anniversary, our birthday. Yay! And we are proud to say that we have accomplished quite a lot... for teenagers!

Acuitas was founded with the goal of building a world-class project management firm. Lofty? Yes, but we believed — and still do—that as individuals we are world-class. We have as a part of our team, individuals who can and have matched strides with professionals across the globe.

Much like teens, we have gone through many changes and attained many note-worthy milestones. Our service offering expanded to several other disciplines including Facility Management, Financial Engineering and Property Development. We upgraded our ISO certification—a certification that we have had since 2011—to the new 9001:2015 standard. We have forged strong alliances with international and local firms and subject matter experts, building on one of our core strengths of having “global intelligence with local knowledge

Through the years, our project partners have been as diverse as our skill set and include regional governments and public sector bodies; international organizations like the World Bank and European Union; High Commissions and energy-based multinationals, conglomerates, and other construction-based companies.

In this very unpredictable industry which is NOT for the faint-hearted, we have endured our share of hard-knocks but, we have also learned a lot about ourselves - humor gets us through almost anything and we are a resilient team. Even more lessons - we have to take the ups with the downs and have an even and balanced response to both successes and failures.

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic brought many things sharply into focus. The pandemic taught us to be grateful for even the simplest things in life. Our team has fully embraced the work-from-home hybrid and as a company, we have increased efficiency significantly while reducing our operating costs. We continue to go through a rough period in this pandemic like so many other businesses around the world but, we prefer not to focus on the negatives but rather, the opportunities. We believe that with the commitment of our team, we WILL pull through this pandemic.

Times are tough, but we remain optimistic. Going forward with a renewed sense of gratitude, the potential is there for a much-improved quality of life and the quality of relationships, simply because we appreciate each other more. We can’t gather to have that 18th birthday celebration with our friends and clients due to the Covid-19 restrictions but we raise a glass anyway.

Cheers to us! Cheers to Acuitas!