DAC (Dyrock Acuitas Consortium) was registered as a company in Guyana in February 2019 in response to the growing demand for quality construction sector consultancy and contracting services with a specific focus on design-build services.

Dyrock Construction Inc. was formed in Guyana in 2001 and for the first fourteen (14) years, the core business activity was focused on providing construction services to the local market. However, in 2015 they recognized that their business model had to adjust to be commercially viable in the changing construction market. This was achieved by evaluating and integrating business proposals which would have led to the ideal balance to compete successfully in the construction market for both residential and large scale commercial projects.

Acuitas is one of the leading construction consultants in the Caribbean region having worked from Belize in the north, to Suriname in the south and responsible for the construction of over 5,000,000 square feet of built space in our 16 years of operation to date. Acuitas has from inception, been building alliances with leading international firms as strategic partners to facilitate our growth and reach. The Dyrock Acuitas Consortium is another step in this process.

The owners of both firms had previously collaborated for a number of years and decided to formerly establish the Dyrock-Acuitas Consortium (DAC) in February 2019. Dyrock and Acuitas have a proven track record of successfully designing, managing and constructing projects of a similar size and scope in Guyana and throughout

the Caribbean Region.

DAC represents the best of both worlds combining local and foreign expertise with a wide range of qualified and experienced construction professionals capable of combining their skills to satisfy the Client’s requirements.

DAC Contact Information:

85 South Railway Line, Kitty, Georgetown, Guyana. Tel: (592) 227 2873 & (592) 623 1214